A collection of beautifully crafted distilled spirits. Every one of them reflects the creative individuality of a distiller using craft methods: his quirks and insights, his special talents, his innovations. This intervention of individual talent and experience in what is otherwise a fairly mechanical process is what creates authentically great distilled spirits.

Everything in this catalogue is based on rigorous, old-fashioned, hands-on pot- distillation methods.  Germain-Robin, and other great distillers go beyond these methods by working with unusually high-quality distilling material and by making use of superior equipment and food-handling.

Small-batch spirits distilled with craft methods are an antidote to all those commoditized, large-production spirits you see advertised. This is about authenticity, personal attention, and love of one’s work. These products are real.

We have the country’s most complete selection of Germain-Robin,  Maison Surrenne,  and Los Nahuales.

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