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If, like us, you like great tequila, you’ll love what Craft Distillers turned up (thanks to Ron Cooper of Del Maguey). The folks behind Los Danzantes mezcal reposado are talented. They distill with loving care, traditional methods, and intelligent innovation, making every batch exactly right. Forget those bottles with the worm – well-made mezcal is a world-class spirit. Small-village mezcaleros still transport the piñas, the trimmed hearts of the slow-growing agave plant, on burros. The piñas are slow-roasted in a stone fire-pit, then crushed in a stone mill. At this point, a tequila producer would discard the deeply flavored agave pulp. Mezcal fermentation and distillation include all the agave solids, yielding a product with richer flavor.




MEZCAL / TEQUILA Copita.  Tall, slender 2 oz. glasses with blue pre-Colombian graphic. It costs $5 to ship 1 glass, which we'll do if you really want. If you order additional items, we can combine shipping - ask about it when you call to confirm your order.



Los Nahuales

Started in 1998 by the owners of a great Oaxacan restaurant to supply themselves with an authentic local spirit. They refurbished an old distillery in Santiago Matatlan, the epicenter of artisan mezcals. Los Nahuales mezcal is made in old double-distillation pot stills. Distillates from the agave Espadin are full-flavored and sweet. The Danzantes roasting pit is fired with mesquite, adding a deep smoky richness.


LOS NAHUALES Mezcal reposado.  100% from the Agave Espadin.
The French Troncais oak used for the reposado lends a lovely softness. The finish is graceful and long.


750 ml / 42% abv               $72.00

LOS NAHUALES Mezcal Blanco (Joven).  100% from the Agave Espadin. Amazingly full, rich and sweet.


750 ml / 42% abv               $60.00

LOS NAHUALES Mezcal Anejo.  100% from the Agave Espadin. Two and a half years in French Troncais oak. Beautifully and gracefully mature. Soft, gentle, lingering finish. Very scarce.


750 ml / 44% abv               $115.00


Craft production in individual artisanal family distilleries located in remote Oaxacan pueblos. Agaves are wood-roasted in palenques (conical below-ground ovens), then slow-crushed in stone mills. Fermentation is with native yeasts in open wooden vats; the liquids and solids are then double-distilled in small wood-fired copper potstills.


Alipus San Andres.  fermented in cypress vats & distilled by Don Valente Angel from agave Espadin grown at about 5000 feet on thin calciferous-soiled low hills and terraces. Complex, rich, intensely floral.


750 ml / 44%abv               $48.00

Alipus San Baltazar Guelavila.  fermented in pine vats & distilled by Don Cosme Hernandez from agave Espadin grown at about 5700 feet in hilly, white, & rocky soil. Delicate and fruity, slightly sweet.


750 ml / 44% abv               $48.00

Alipus San Juan del Rio.  fermented in oak vats & distilled by Don Joel Cruz from non-irrigated agave Espadin grown in sunny mountain-top plantings in ferriferous soil at 4600 feet. Fruity, rich, smokey, pleasantly sweet.


750 ml / 44% abv               $48.00

  SAN LUIS DEL RIO.  Fermented in pine vats & distilled by Don Eduardo Hernandez from agave Espadín grown at about 4000 feet in steep and sandy soils. Spicy, round, and soft.


750 ML/ 47% abv               $0.00

SANTA ANA DEL RIO.  Fermented in pine vats & distilled by Don Eduardo Hernandez from agave Espadín at about 5200 feet in mountainous, white, & very rocky soil. Very cleanly distilled. Soft and lightly fruity.


750 ml / 47% abv               $0.00


An artisan mezcal brand conceived by Craft Distillers & developed with Destileria Los Danzantes. Distilled from at least 50% wild or semi-wild agaves in batches of some 6-700 bottles only. The idea is to keep something wonderful going that is at risk of disappearing. Many of these gifted distillers find it increasingly hard to make a living by selling to local markets. Craft Distillers would like to help them develop a wider audience. Each bottle will be something genuinely special.


Mezcalero Release No. 7.  From the Antonio Cruz family distillery in San Juan del Rio. Wild and semi-wild agaves Sierra Negra, Tepeztate, and Tobala. Beautifully distilled. Unusually complex. 607 bottles.



Mezcalero Release No. 8.  Semi-wild agaves Madrecuishe and Mexicano (dobadán), and wild agave Tobalá, from grower-distiller Don Valente Angel in Santa Maria la Pila. Cleanly distilled, unusually complex. 1080 bottles.




There are many great whiskies. We sell a few very unusual ones, chosen for their special qualities, their uniqueness, and their outstanding drinkability. We like whiskies that are richly flavored but remain pure and delicate.


Low Gap

Distilled by hand on the antique 16HL cognac still at the Germain-Robin distillery, founded in 1982. On-site fermentation of distilling beer. Aging in new and used barels, including bourbon barrels from Van Winkle, port barrels from Quady, and Limousin cognac barrels from Germain-Robin. Decesnt to proof with filtered rainwater. MALT ADVOCATE'S Artisan Whiskey of the Year in 2012.


LOW GAP Whiskey ~ Clear Rye.  Malted rye with a bit of malted corn. Full rye body. the roughness of most ryes is here tamed by the small cognac pot still. Fabulous.

Paul Pacult thought this was about the best unaged whiskey he had ever tasted


750ml/42%               $45.00

LOW GAP Whiskey 2YR Barreled Wheat.  Bottled at 2+ years, this amazing whiskey shows what can be accomplished by a master working on a cognac still. Smooth, rich, surreal.


750ml/43.1%               $65.00

LOW GAP Whiskey 2YR Single Barrel No.1.  Mostly wheat. Has spent time (2+ years) as an individual whiskey in new American oak, old bourbon barrels, and a cognac barrel earlier used for Germain-Robin.


750ml/50.2%               $75.00

Compass Box

Blender John Glaser, formerly with Johnny Walker, discovered a trove of barrel-aged grain whiskies, and he also knows some beautiful single-malts. Glaser has an eye for complexity. The soft richness of grain whisky in the Asyla and Hedonism is simply wonderful. If there’s a scotch whisky better than the Hedonism, we’d like to know about it.


COMPASS BOX Hedonism.  Blended grain whisky. Rare, unusual, totally delicious. We have what's left from the original bottling. Ethereal - old, old grain from single barrels. The blend is especially rare because the casks come from the now-closed Cambus and Caledonian distilleries. David Brown in Whisky Magazine gave it an 8 1/2: "ripe, elegant, lush." The rich, vanilla-toffee-chocolate flavors and sweet, lingering finish have been a relevation to everyone who's tried it. Rave reviews when it debuted in England. It's a wonderful addition to the world of superior distilled spirits. Very few spirits can match the quality at this price.


750 ml / 43% abv               SOLD OUT

COMPASS BOX Asyla.  A beautiful grain/malt blend. Beautiful soft rich grain as backdrop to a more dramatic malt. You can't believe the bottle is only $37. The grain is from the Cameronbridge and Cambus distilleries; the malt is 12-year-old Linkwood.


750 ml / 43% abv               $37.00

COMPASS BOX The Peat Monster.  For those who love big, rich, peaty and smoky malt whiskies, this is your whisky. Bottled at 46%, The Peat Monster combines extremely smoky malt whisky from Islay with medium-peated Highland whiskies to create a balanced and approachable monster, but a monster nonetheless. Enjoy!


750 ml / 46% abv               $60.00

The Exceptional

DON SUTCLIFFE, managing director of Craft Distillers and 35-year veteran of distilled spirits marketing, and WILLIE PHILLIPS, for 23 years managing director of The Macallan, have collaborated to create a significant small batch Scotch Whisky.


THE EXCEPTIONAL GRAIN By Sutcliffe & Son.  A blend of very special aged Scotch grain whiskies, selected from several different distilleries, each barrel chosen for its distinctive & memorable characteristics. While others blend to produce year-in, year-out consistency, each edition of THE EXCEPTIONAL GRAIN will offer a Whisky that is authentically individual, possessed of genuine qualitative and stylistic distinction.


750 ml/43%               $100.00

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