Millard Fillmore United States Brandy


A superb distilled spirit at an affordable price.

Millard Fillmore is an accomplished blend of nicely fruited brandy column-distilled in the central valley of California and pot-distilled alambic brandy from the Germain-Robin craft- method distillery. Aged in French and American oak. We worked for more than 3 years to develop this brandy.

“No cognac is as good as Germain-Robin” –DAN BERGER/L A TIMES

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Millard Fillmore Brandy

  • Millard Fillmore US Brandy

    A great distilled spirit (at a very good price) from the original (1982) craft-method Germain-Robin distillery that put superb US brandy on the map. Includes brandy pot-distilled in 2005.

    750 ml / 40% abv


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