Once Only Blends


Individual blends, one barrel at a time, from the rich cellars of

Blended from Germain-Robin aged brandies, frequently reviewed among the  finest spirits on Planet Earth.brandies hand-distilled from premium varietal wine grapes: pinot noir, semillon, sauvignon blanc, riesling. The Once Only Blends are assembled in a single barrel (about 420 bottles), then given time to fully integrate. Each blend is a one-time event, never repeated. Serious bargains.

Once Only blends are deep, rich and unusually complex, far more so than other brandies or whiskies at the price. They include brandies more than 20 years old.

“No cognac is as good as Germain-Robin” –DAN BERGER/L A TIMES

Once Only Blends


  • Once Only/One Time Blend No. 26

    ONCE ONLY/ONE-TIME BLEND NO. 26 blends an elegant 1997 Sangiovese (the standard Chianti grape, rarely distilled and certainly not in the USA), plus a brilliantly rich and fruity 2013 Dolcetto, into three Colombards  from 2004 and 2004, soft and full bodied. . Go here for detailed blend info.    

    750 ml / 41% abv


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Once Only/One-time Blend No. 23: 5 beautiful Colombards from 1991-2006, plus Pinot Noir, Viognier, and Zinfandel

Once Only/One-time Blend No. 25: 3 Colombards from 2004 and 2006 plus 1995 Pinot Noir and 1997 Semillon