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1987 – Hubert Germain-Robin at his antique cognac potstill, making what many experts regard as the world’s finest distilled spirit.

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TimHuelskamp April 1, 2016 - When Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) suffered a stroke and died in a remote Kansas motel in 2009, his son Tim jr., who had a jaundiced view of politics, worked with a group of fellow students at the nearby Norton Institute of Taxidermy to conceal his death and to assemble a stuffed animatronic replica; they announced […]

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Low Gap Malt Advocate’s Artisan Whiskey of the Year 2012
Russell Henry Gin “Landmark in gin-making” ★  Spirits Journal
Germain-Robin Select Barrel XO named Robb Report’s “Best Liquor”
Maison Surrenne Twice named “Cognac of the Year” by Wine & Spirits
Mezcalero “Finest collection of mezcals I’ve ever tasted” K & L Wines
Vodka DSP CA 162 “Fantastic. True to life. Outstanding.”
The Exceptional “layered, truly exceptional” Bounty Hunter Rare Wine & Spirits

The photo at left shows what we care about very very deeply: authentic hand-distilled spirits from some of the planet’s most talented craft-method distillers. These products are real.

The intervention of individual talent and experience in what is otherwise a fairly mechanical process is what creates authentically great distilled spirits. Truly great spirits reflect the creative individuality of their distiller: deep experience, quirks and insights, special talents, innovations, devotion to and love of one’s craft.

Everything on this site is based on rigorous, old-fashioned, hands-on pot- distillation methods. Tamar Distillery, the American Craft Whiskey Distillery, and Germain- Robin go beyond these methods by working with unusually high-quality distilling material and by making use of California’s superior equipment and food-handling experience. Each of these distillers has developed production innovations to make use of these significant advantages. California is now distilling some of the world’s finest spirits.

Craft-method spirits are an antidote to all that commoditized large-production stuff you see advertised. This is about authenticity, personal attention, and love of one’s work.