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1987 – Hubert Germain-Robin at his antique cognac potstill, making what many experts regard as the world’s finest distilled spirit.

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December, 2017 - Dear friends of fine spirits Around now, we get calls asking what we suggest as holiday gifts. Here goes: NEW RELEASE – 200ML three-packs of Russell Henry gin (London Dry, Hawaiian Ginger, Malaysian Lime, and of DSP CA 162 vodka (Straight, Buddha’s Hand Citron, Malaysian Lime). The quality of Crispin Cain’s white spirits has zero, […]

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Low Gap Malt Advocate’s Artisan Whiskey of the Year 2012
Russell Henry Gin “Landmark in gin-making” ★  Spirits Journal
Germain-Robin Select Barrel XO named Robb Report’s “Best Liquor”
Maison Surrenne Twice named “Cognac of the Year” by Wine & Spirits
Mezcalero “Finest collection of mezcals I’ve ever tasted” K & L Wines
Vodka DSP CA 162 “Fantastic. True to life. Outstanding.” Drinkspirits.com
The Exceptional “layered, truly exceptional” Bounty Hunter Rare Wine & Spirits

The photo at left shows what we care about very very deeply: authentic hand-distilled spirits from some of the planet’s most talented craft-method distillers. These products are real.

The intervention of individual talent and experience in what is otherwise a fairly mechanical process is what creates authentically great distilled spirits. Truly great spirits reflect the creative individuality of their distiller: deep experience, quirks and insights, special talents, innovations, devotion to and love of one’s craft.

Everything on this site is based on rigorous, old-fashioned, hands-on pot- distillation methods. Tamar Distillery, the American Craft Whiskey Distillery, and Germain- Robin go beyond these methods by working with unusually high-quality distilling material and by making use of California’s superior equipment and food-handling experience. Each of these distillers has developed production innovations to make use of these significant advantages. California is now distilling some of the world’s finest spirits.

Craft-method spirits are an antidote to all that commoditized large-production stuff you see advertised. This is about authenticity, personal attention, and love of one’s work.