Artisanal Rums From Oaxaca

Commoditized rums are made from what’s left over when you make sugar: molasses, black treacle, etc.; many of them contain added sugar. Rhum agricole is made directly from the juice of freshly-cut sugar cane. It’s like the difference between freshly squeezed orange juice and the stuff made from concentrate. These rums are genuinely wonderful.

DAKABEND Rum Añejo: Edgar Gonzales, who also distills Tosba mezcal, is the only Mexican distiller we have encountered who deliberately does very slow runs, 12 hours. His rum is subtle and and elegant. When we visited Dakabend in 2019, Edgar showed us an aged rum, 4 barrels, now 6 years old. He has released 3 barrels to the USA market. Two barrels were sold directly to private clients; Caddell has some of the third. Aging has deepened its flavor and complexity. This is a superb artisanal distilled spirit. There are only 270 bottles total.
750 ml / 49% ABV  
DAKABEND Rum Blanco (from fresh cane juice): From cane harvested in local mountainside plantings near San Cristobal Lachiroag in Oaxaca’s rugged Sierra Norte, crushed immediately for hand- distillation in a wood-fired mezcal potstill. Rich flavors and aromas are beautifully purified and concentrated in this terrifically appealing small-batch rum. Pure, fresh, smooth, and very easy to drink. 1-liter bottle
1 liter ml / 51% ABV  
Old Sugar Rum
OLD SUGAR DISTILLERY Cane & Abe Rum: Domestically grown sugar cane from Hawaii & Louisiana. Fermented and distilled in house. Aged 4-12 months in new and used oak. No added sugar. Smooth and robust.  
750 ml / 40% ABV  
TSO’OK Aged Artisanal Oaxacan Rum: Aged six+ months in French oak. A wonderful, wonderful rum, rich & intense. Scarce.  
750 ml / 49% ABV  
TSO’OK Artisanal Oaxacan Rum: From an exceptionally remote area in Oaxaca’s rugged Mixe region of the Sierra Norte. Distilled from fresh high-mountain cane juice by  Brigide Gutierrez of Totontepec. The steep terrain at 6500 feet means great flavor in the cane juice. A bit wild, like the land it comes from.  
1L ml / 49% ABV