From Read Spear of Mezcal Cuentacuentos. Cane grown in the mountains has more complexity and flavor; double-distillation on a small potstill brings out the full character of freshly-pressed sugar cane. Very small batches: there’s only one small still

More About Tso’ok

TSO’OK Aged Artisanal Oaxacan Rum: Aged six+ months in French oak. A wonderful, wonderful rum, rich & intense. Scarce.  
750 ml / 49% ABV  
TSO’OK Artisanal Oaxacan Rum – Blanco: From an exceptionally remote area in Oaxaca’s rugged Mixe region of the Sierra Norte. Distilled from fresh high-mountain cane juice by Juan Nepomucena Ortega of Totontepec. The steep terrain at 6500 feet means great flavor in the cane juice. A bit wild, like the land it comes from.  
1L ml / 49% ABV