Unusually Great Whiskies

That can be hard to find

Whiskey Low Gap Crispin Cain

Whiskies are distilled from grains: barley, rye, corn, wheat, and several others. They can be distilled quickly and at volume on column stills, or slowly on potstills. The best are double-distilled. Here’s a few of the best: great reviews, but generally not easy to find.

Devin’s Soft ‘n Tasty
Devin’s SOFT ‘n TASTY Whiskey: Batch 2, 354 cases. Lovely golden color. Rich fresh corn aromatics and flavor.  Soft and mellow on the palate.  Light filtration to preserve the deep flavor.  One of the finest whiskies on the planet
750 ml / 43.9% ABV  
Low Gap
LOW GAP 3 Year Barrel Strength Straight Corn Whiskey: Distilled on an antique cognac still. Aged 3 years in premium air-dried oak. All the sweet richness of a great bourbon but with astonishing depth. 210 bottles only.  
750 ml / 61.4% ABV  
LOW GAP 3yr Bourbon: Double gold medals at 50 Best Whiskies competition against far older bourbons. Crispin Cain started to distill whiskey for sale in 2010, but he waited for three years before making a bourbon because he wanted to feel completely confident in the process. The mash bill is corn, barley, and rye; aged in air-dried Minnesota oak. A number of devotees have told us this is the best bourbon they have experienced.  Wonderfully approachable, smooth, soft, and rich.  
750 ml / 42% ABV  
LOW GAP 8 Year Old Rye Malt Whiskey: Gold Medal at SF Spirits Competition. Finished in used cognac barrels. Comparable to a fine aged cognac.. Hugely rich, long finish, beautiful balance. There are very few whiskies better than this.  
750 ml / 47.3% ABV  
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Old Sugar Whiskey
OLD SUGAR DISTILLERY Bourbon: The extra rectification chamber adds to the complexity of this corn-based bourbon, with aromatic and cherry wood-smoked malt. Aged in new oak, finished in rum barrels. Interesting stuff.
750 ml / 40% ABV  
OLD SUGAR DISTILLERY Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey: Named after a famous local bootlegger. Distilling syrup instead of a wash means the whiskey is silky and very easy to drink: plenty of complex richness with no heaviness. Aged in Minnesota oak.    
750 ml / 40% ABV  
The Exceptional
THE EXCEPTIONAL BLEND by Sutcliffe & Son: Mature grain whisky from North British, Strathclyde, and Cameronbridge blended with selected barrels of aged malt from 11 distilleries, including a 30-year-old Macallan. Deep & layered complexity.
750 ml / 43% ABV  
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THE EXCEPTIONAL GRAIN by Sutcliffe & Son, release no. 2: A blend of remarkable aged grain whiskies, including a barrel of 30-year-old from the Carsebridge Distillery, long since closed. Finished in first-fill sherry casks. Subtle, elegant, authentically individual, with great structure      
750 ml / 43% ABV  
Sale! $70.00
THE EXCEPTIONAL MALT by Sutcliffe & Son: Complex & balanced blend of whiskies selected from Glenfarclas, Ben Nevis, Alt-a'Bhainne, Auchroisk, Clenallachie, Westport, Speyside, and a 30-year-old Macallan, finished in first-fill oloroso sherry casks. Unusually rich.
750 ml / 43% ABV  
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LOW GAP 100 Proof Wheat Whiskey: 100% Bavarian hard wheat, aged 4 to 5 years in a special selection of new and used American oak barrels. You can't believe it's 50% abv.
750 ml / 50% ABV  
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