Devin Cain, who worked with his father Crispin on Low Gap whiskey and Russell Henry gin, and DSP-CA-162 vodka, worked with fresh corn when he developed and distilled Golden State corn vodka for a Brentwood, California, corn grower.. He had a brilliant idea: he thought up a way to distill whiskey from that corn.

Tastes way better because it’s distilled from the same fresh corn you enjoy at home.

Devin worked for two years with Ansley Coale (who developed Germain-Robin brandy, Hangar One vodka, and the mezcals Mezcalero and Comunidad) to turn his idea into whiskey.

Before Devin, whiskey used dried field corn, whose sweetness and flavors have to be reconstituted by being boiled; some distillers even add sugar to the mash. It’s simple: Devin’s is just better whiskey because it’s made from fresher & better stuff.

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Devin’s Soft ‘n Tasty
Devin’s SOFT ‘n TASTY Whiskey: Batch 2, 354 cases. Lovely golden color. Rich fresh corn aromatics and flavor.  Soft and mellow on the palate.  Light filtration to preserve the deep flavor.  One of the finest whiskies on the planet
750 ml / 43.9% ABV