Liqueurs & Aperitifs

No Sugared-up Garbage

Liqueurs and Aperitifs

rose petal maceration

Liqueurs and aperitifs have a bad name because the commoditized ones are loaded with sugar, largely to conceal harsh alcohol: Gran Marnier is somewhere above 30% sugar, Kahlua around 45%. If you use good alcohol or, better, great alcohol, you can use way less sugar and get a drink that showcases the ingredients, be they fresh-picked rose petals or Seville orange peels from Curaçao or Burundi Shamba arabica coffee beans.

FIRELIT Coffee Liqueur Batch 15-Sumatra Mandheling: Batch 15 :  Cold-brewed 100% Arabica "Sumatra Mandheling" from Lake Toba, Sumatra. Roasted by Reve Coffee Roasters, Lafayette, LA  
750 ml / 30% ABV  
FIRELIT F-80 Coffee Liqueur: 100% Arabica macerated in rum. Intense.    
750 ml / 40% ABV  
Liqueurs & Aperitifs
CRISPIN`S Rose Liqueur: Maceration in apple-honey brandy of fresh-picked heirloom rose petals. Beautiful aromatics true to the flower. “Unbelievable authenticity. Unforgettable bouquet. WOW.” -SPIRITS JOURNAL        
375 ml / 25.4% ABV  
Greenway Distillery Absinthe Superieure: Apple-honey brandy distilled on an antique cognac still, then infused with beautiful botanicals.
375 ml / 45.2% ABV  
Old Sugar Liqueurs
OLD SUGAR DISTILLERY Americanaki Ouzo: Double distilled from a fermented mash of midwest-grown dark brown beet sugar. Infused with star anise and seed anise, twice: at the head of the still and again prior to bottling.
750 ml / 45% ABV  
OLD SUGAR DISTILLERY Honey Liqueur (Dry): Dark brown sugar from Midwest beets plus Wisconsin honey. Not syrupy! Aged in small light-char oak.
750 ml / 40% ABV  
OLD SUGAR DISTILLERY Ruddy Fox Sweet Vermouth: The infusion is of botanicals and spices, fortified with brandy, sweetened with Wisconsin cherries and Belgian brewer's sugar.
750 ml / 18% ABV