Fine brandy blended with cold-press coffee from single-origin Arabica beans. Founder Jeff Kessinger worked with James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee to develop a small- batch cold-press extraction process. Firelit beautifully preserves the rich & complex flavors & aromas of great coffee. Ingredients and care means it doesn’t have to have a lot of sugar to be good. Makes stuff like Kahlua taste like candy.


Each Firelit batch is only 1300 bottles. Every batch is made 100% from a select & specified single-origin Arabica coffee bean: Papua/ New Guinea, Yemen, Ethiopia (Irgachefe), Guatemala, Burundi. The photo is of a plantation in upland Burundi whose beans were used in Batch 13

“Sublimely executed” – SF Chronicle
“All the nuance and glory of fine coffee” – SF Bay Guardian

FIRELIT Coffee Liqueur Batch 15-Sumatra Mandheling: Batch 15 :  Cold-brewed 100% Arabica "Sumatra Mandheling" from Lake Toba, Sumatra. Roasted by Reve Coffee Roasters, Lafayette, LA  
750 ml / 30% ABV  
FIRELIT F-80 Coffee Liqueur: 100% Arabica macerated in rum. Intense.    
750 ml / 40% ABV