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Grape Spirits

Brandies are distilled from fruit, and the finest are distilled from grapes. The cognac still, requiring double distillation, is perhaps the best still on the planet. Germain-Robin was frequently reviewed as the best spirit ever, and the Surrenne cognacs are still made by hand in the largest remaining family-owned house: they have fabulous cellars. Pisco is by law a national treasure of Peru.

Brandy, Cognac & Pisco
ANSLEY COALE’S ‘A Christmas Spirit’ Brandy & Cranberry Liqueur: Assembled in 2015 as a component of an aged cocktail, using a 4-year-old alambic brandy with Steve McCarthy's craft cranberry liqueur. The blend remained in barrel for 7 more years. 9 gallons of the original liqueur, still in barrel, were used to freshen the 2015 blend. Richly fruity cranberry against a backdrop of superb aged brandy, beautifully integrated. Makes a great gift, with a 19th-century engraving of jolly old Saint Nick on the label. Limit 2 bottles per customer.
750 ml / 33.1% ABV  
Sale! $86.40
Germain-Robin Brandy
GERMAIN-ROBIN California Alambic Brandy: A 7-year-old brandy based on French Colombard wine, beautifully complex and fruity. In the 1850s, French Colombard was the standard grape of Cognac. When the vines were wiped out by the phylloxera epidemic that devasted French vineyards in the 1860s, Cognac growers tried to graft Colombard to American rootstock resistant to the infestation. They found that the grafted Colombard’s grape bunches tightened, which in Cognac’s damp climate caused too much rot: it was their best grape, but they couldn’t use it. In California’s dry summers, Colombard yields great distilling wine, rich and deep.  
750 ml / 40% ABV  
Sale! $72.00
GERMAIN-ROBIN Old Havana: What’s left of the 2017 release of some 360 bottles. Contains brandies over 25 years old. Rich, deeply fruited, great volume in the mouth, more oak than the XO. Armagnac drinkers tend to prefer it. “One of the world’s great spirits” (Mens’ Journal). Limit of 1 bottle per customer.
750 ml / 40% ABV  
Sale! $108.00
GERMAIN-ROBIN Select Barrel XO: 120 bottles of Gallo’s second release, blended under Hubert’s supervision from the aged/barreled stock they bought from Germain-Robin in 2017. Includes mostly Pinot Noir, some of it going back to 1994, with a nice proportion of a 1995 Semillon, the same brandy used for the Semillon Single-Barrel releases. As always, rich, subtle, and elegant. One bottle per customer.
750 ml / 40% ABV  
Sale! $121.50
GERMAIN-ROBIN Single-Barrel Pinot Noir:
Gallo’s third release, blended under Hubert’s supervision from the aged/barreled stock they bought from the Germain-Robin Distillery in Ukiah.  Double distilled in 2005 and aged 17yrs from grapes grown in Mendocino County's Anderson Valley.  Probably the only brandy ever made from still wine vinified for excellent sparkling wine. Exceptional. Includes Pinot Noir grapes going back to 1994. As always, rich, subtle, and elegant.    
750 ml / 41.4% ABV  
Sale! $175.50
Maison Surrenne
MAISON SURRENNE 100% Petite Champagne: Single vintage 100% from the petite champagne district, blended at the home distillery on the Charente River, in Jarnac. Aged in the Figon cellar. Unusual quality: it won a double gold medal in the XO category at the SF Spirits Competition. Rated a “Best Buy” by Wine Enthusiast. Subtle and fruity.    
750 ml / 40% ABV  
Sale! $121.50
MAISON SURRENNE Cask 356: We believe this to be the finest cognac in bottle. A genuine rarity, it was assembled in 1961 by Tiffon’s former cellar–master, Hilaire Guilbaud: chosen from the house’s finest very old grande champagne cognacs. The blend aged for another 53 years in one cask. Every component is well over 100 years old. When Richard took out the bung, Ansley could smell the cognac 50 feet away.. 12 bottles imported each year  
750 ml / 42.2% ABV  
Sale! $1,800.00
MAISON SURRENNE COGNAC: Very appealing blend including Fin Bois cognacs from Tiffon’s own old-vine vineyards. Truly excellent price for the quality.  
750 ml / 40% ABV  
Sale! $43.20
MAISON SURRENNE Distillerie Galtaud 100% Borderies: Single vintage 100% from the borderies district. The Galtauld distillery, in the commune of Mainxe, was founded in 1800. Rich volume (a borderies characteristic), lovely deep fruit, with the typical hint of violet in the nose. A true bargain.  
750 ml / 40% ABV  
Sale! $90.00
MAISON SURRENNE Single Vintage XO 100 % Grande Champagne: 100% from the grande champagne district, blended from the Madame, Figon, Brunetiere, and Moreau cellars. Cognacs in the blend are over 25 years old. Delicacy married to the district’s notably subtle deep flavor and long finish. Look for the classic hint of orange in the nose. Great price.  
750 ml / 41.2% ABV  
Sale! $135.00
MAISON SURRENNE Tonneau No. 1: Inconceivably rich. A blend of then century-old petite champagne assembled in 1922, topped off annually for now 98 years. Astonishing complexity: contains dozens of very old cognacs. There’s hardly any finish, which happens to old petite champagne. One of a kind: an amazing taste experience, liquid fruit-cake. The average age is probably well over 120 years.      
750 ml / 41.9% ABV  
Sale! $243.00
MAISON SURRENNE Unblended 1946 grande champagne: Grande champagne distilled on a wood-fired still by Hubert Portier from grapes grown in his family vineyard. 1946 was one of Cognac’s all-time best vintages, and this man knew his grapes very well. It has the depth and rich finesse of old cognac, yet is still amazingly fresh. Maintained in a separate tun until bottling, this remains one of the finest cognacs ever distilled. Selected “Cognac of the Year” by Wine and spirits in 1998      
750 ml / 41.9% ABV  
Sale! $540.00
Old & Rare
ANSLEY’S Alambic Brandy – Release No. 1: A 2013 blend of three brandies distilled by Germain-Robin from Roederer Estate pinot noir in 2002, 2003, and 2004, then aged an additional 10 years.  311 bottles straight from the cask, unfiltered.  Rich, subtle, wonderful fruit, great length.  Truly fabulous:  a cognac of this quality would sell for at least $1500.  Limit of 1 bottle per customer. A bargain.
750 ml / 44% ABV  
Sale! $216.00
GERMAIN-ROBIN Augustín’s Blend: Pinot Noirs from 1988 and 1989, with a touch of Colombard, aged for 22 years in a 50-liter cask. Colombard fruit, way deeper now, and beautifully long Pinot refinement. Limit 1 bottle per customer.
750 ml / 42.7% ABV  
Sale! $630.00
GERMAIN-ROBIN Barrel 351: Single barrel of 1987 Pinot Noir from the Welch vineyards in Potter Valley. Great concentration of flavor, the angel’s share over 27 years leaving 44.9% from the original 71%. Our most noble brandy. 30 bottles remain. Limit 1 bottle per customer.
750 ml / 44.9% ABV  
Sale! $540.00
GERMAIN-ROBIN Barrel V154 Chenin Blanc: Single barrel of 1985 old-vine Chenin Blanc from the Wegner vineyard. It has aged absolutely perfectly: deep Chenin fruit, huge concentration of flavor. The aromatics are wonderfully intense. We have 12 bottles. Limit 1 bottle per customer.  
750 ml / 44.3% ABV  
Sale! $540.00
GERMAIN-ROBIN Cask 17.2: Our best stuff, 25-30 years old, married another year in a tiny cask that holds only 15 bottles worth. A customer after tasting it bought 6  bottles: “I don’t want to drink anything else.” This is the second batch, of which we still have 8 bottles. Rich rich rich/deep deep deep. It takes some 35 minutes to fully open in the glass. Limit 1 bottle per customer.
750 ml / 45.5% ABV  
Sale! $1,080.00
GERMAIN-ROBIN GR/30: Pinot Noir and Colombard from 1983 and 1984. Pinot elegance, Colombard breadth and depth. We have fewer than 30 bottles. Limit 1 bottle per customer.
750 ml / % ABV  
Sale! $450.00
GERMAIN-ROBIN Small Blend no. 2: 1984 Gamay, rich 1989 old-vine Colombard, and an elegant 1994 Pinot Noir from Napa’s Clos du Val. Truly great brandy: buy this. 
750 ml / 44.5% ABV  
Sale! $270.00
GERMAIN-ROBIN Small Blend no. 3: 1996 Roederer Pinot Noir, 1985 Gamay, two 1997 Colombards, and a 1996 blend of aromatics: Muscat, Riesling, & Viognier. Extraordinary richness, balance, and complexity.
750 ml / 43% ABV  
Sale! $256.50
Pierre de Segonzac
Pierre de Segonzac Cognac: A 100% grande champagne blend including cognacs distilled 12 years ago. Deliberately low alcohol content in the distilling wine means deep concentration of flavor. Lightly oaked to display its fundamental quality. Rich and complex, yet preserving the flowery fruit of younger cognacs.
750 ml / 40% ABV  
Sale! $71.10
Pierre de Segonzac Cognac Ancestrale: Very few cognacs this old are in bottle. The cognacs in the blend were distilled three and four generations ago: Pablo Ferrand’s great- great- grandfather distilled some of them. The concentration of flavor from decades of evaporation in barrel is apparent: water and alcohol rise to the angels, but the aromatic and flavor esters remain. Look for deep and subtle richness with intense complexity: spices, cocoa, nuts, old port, leather: what aged grande champagne is all about. Of the 300 bottles a year, there are 40 for the US market. . “Exceptional… intense aromatic complexity” – PASSION FOR WHISKEY.
700 ml / 40% ABV  
Sale! $742.50
Pierre de Segonzac Cognac XO: All the renowned attributes of grande champagne. Amazing full length, deep focused flavors: pure elegant gold. A wonderful rancio: there are cognacs in the blend 37 years old. Great value for its age. Scarce.
750 ml / 40% ABV  
Sale! $148.50
Pierre de Segonzac Private Collection.: Released in 2020. Superb old petite champagne cognacs blended with old grande champagne cognacs from Pierre’s cellars. Excellent balance, nicely oaked, spicy, with a hint of vanilla from Limousin oak. The finish lasts forever. Waxed seal. 250 hand-numbered bottles.
700 ml / 40% ABV  
Sale! $252.00
Pisco Logia
PISCO LOGIA Acholado: Ranked first with gold medal in a Noches de Cata epicurean blog acholado tasting with 7 sommeliers and pisco experts in Lima in 2011: a nicely- balanced blend of brandies from the Quebranta and the aromatic Italia grape (a tasty white cross between Bican and Hamburg Muscat). Fruity, subtle, and citric, with a hint of rich muscat.
750 ml / 41.% ABV  
Sale! $36.00
PISCO LOGIA Puro Quebranta: Elegant and intense. Distilled 100% (“puro”) from the non-aromatic Quebranta grape. Non-aromatic varietals have a long history in pisco. Look to the palate instead of the nose to fully appreciate this brandy.
750 ml / 42.3% ABV  
Sale! $43.20
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PISCO LOGÍA Italia: A small batch distilled from the Italia grape, a remarkably flavorful white wine varietal developed in Italy by crossing the French Bican and the black Hamburg Muscat grape. Beautifully aromatic
750 ml / 41.2% ABV  
Sale! $43.20
PISCO LOGÍA Mollar: Limited batch distilled from the scarce Mollar grape, a naturalized red wine varietal brought over from Spain in the 1500s. Full-bodied and rich.
750 ml / 41.2% ABV  
Sale! $51.30
PISCO LOGÍA Torontel: Very limited batch distilled from the high-ester Torontel, a naturalized varietal derived from Muscat Blanc. Rich elegant fruit
750 ml / 41.3% ABV  
Sale! $51.30
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