Home Back Bar

Folks like you do a lot for us: human beings who like our spirits, tell other people about them. As a result of this craze, we spent some time figuring out a way to make it easy for you to have a working set of great Craft Distillers bottles in your home bar: turn your friends into fellow aficionados of really good booze.

We put together three suggestions, but you can fool around. The deal in the BASIC is, six different bottles in about the same categories. If you don’t drink gin, get 2 vodkas. If you don’t drink scotch, get both Bourbon and Rye. Substitute cognac for the G-R Craft Method. Get a mezcal instead of a vodka. You get the idea. You can do the same in the COMPLETE. Just call Kristie at 800 782-8145.

Basic Home BackBar

This stocks a basic world-class bar: gin, vodka, American and Scotch whiskies, cognac-style brandy, and an aged cocktail. You could not equal this selection of spirits in quality at anywhere near these prices.

Germain-Robin Craft Method – $48
1L Fluid Dynamics 1850 or Dry Martini
or Rye Manhattan – $64
Russell Henry Gin London Dry 
or Ginger or Lime – $38
Vodka DSP CA 162 Straight or Citron
or Lime or Tangerine – $38
LG Bourbon or LG Rye – $65
The Exceptional Blend or Malt – $110

These total $373. We will discount this price by $20%, to $298. To make your choices,
or to substitute other Craft Distillers spirits, call Kristie at 800 782-8145/M-F 8-4 PDT

mezcal selection

Los Nahuales joven – $60
Los Nahuales reposado – $72
current Mezcalero – $96
Alipus San Juan – $50
Alipus San Luis – $50
Alipus Santa Ana – $50

These total $378. We will discount this price by 20%, to $302. To substitute other mezcals, or say a bottle of gin, call Kristie at 800 782-8145/M-F 8-4 PDT