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Dear friend of fine spirits,

We have some new and AMAZING stuff! If you have been in a trendy bar recently, you maybe got offered a barrel-aged cocktail, the work of individual bartenders. I started noticing them early this year, and in May talked with Crispin Cain and Joe Corley, out at the distillery. If anyone is good at blending and aging spirits, it’s them.

Something great happens when you allow the ingredients in a good cocktail time to integrate and to deepen by interaction over time.  Our first trials made our jaws drop.  Next we spent four months experimenting with recipes suggested by SF bartender Darren Crawford, Devin Cain (Crispin’s son) made several creative suggestions and did much work deriving the ultimate blends.

Our Germain-Robin and Low Gap Spirits, along with Andy Quady’s Vya vermouth, are perfect for cocktails: clean, distinct, rich, true-to-ingredient flavors.  Because they don’t have that harsh sense of alcohol, you don’t have to put in a lot of sugar to cover up the harshness.

The brand name is FLUID DYNAMICS.  These are very likely the best drinks you have ever consumed.

Releases nos. 3 and 4 of the scarce and astonishing Mezcalero just came in.  These are among the finest spirits being made, period.  They will likely sell out pretty quick.

Lew Bryson, senior reviewer for the MALT ADVOCATE, told us that Low Gap was the best white whiskey he had ever tasted. Warm regards,

Ansley Coale