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APRIL 2012

Dear friend of fine spirits,

We hold our annual sale this time of year: helps you recover from the depredations of the dread TAX MAN.

Take 15% off any bottle(s), 20% if you purchase 12 bottles or more.

Some spirits I suggest that you try:

The Low Gap clear whiskey just got named Whiskey Advocate’s “Artisan Whiskey of the Year”. This is not moonshine – it’s one of the world’s finest whiskies – Crispin Cain uses an old cognac still – without the oak. It makes great cocktails.

The Fluid Dynamics barrel-aged cocktails are unreal: cocktails are rarely made with such outstanding ingredients, and aging them in oak for 6 weeks makes them astonishingly rich & tasty. In December, using some scant preliminary bottlings, we placed 3 Fluid Dynamics at one of San Francisco’s best liquor stores. They became their number one holiday item.

The new Mezcaleros, nos. 3 and 4, are among the world’s finest distilled spirits. Period.

The newly released Germain-Robin Small Blend no. 1 was given a ***** rating by spirit journal: “understated complexity…. Another masterpiece from America’s iconic producer”. He accurately called the finish “fathomless”.

Finally, check out our list of interesting offerings from newly-established craft-method distilleries (more info on their bottlings is on their individual websites).

Best regards/ansley coale/craft distillers