Great corn whiskey and great aged vermouth. Both hand-crafted and then put together by a master blender.

Best Manhattan ever.

Created by Joe Corley, distiller and cellar-master for Germain-
Robin from 2006 until 2017. Corley was getting Batch 2 of Devin’s Whiskey ready for bottling when he had the genius idea of trying it with Andy Quady’s wonderful Vya Sweet Vermouth. We had some barrels left over from 8 years earlier (used for a Brandy Manhattan), and it is now way richer and

Is there anything yummier than farm fresh white corn? Devin Cain is the first to figure out how to make whiskey from it (instead of the dried field corn used for bourbon, hog feed, and ethanol), so his Whiskey has corn’s fresh natural flavor.

DEVIN’s WHISKEY MANHATTAN: Devin’s Whiskey and Andy Quady’s Vya Sweet Vermouth that has been 8 years in oak. The Manhattan itself is blended for a month. Tasty whiskey distilled from fresh corn with the rich depth of aged sweet vermouth is cocktail perfection. There’s not much of it because we didn’t have a lot of Devin’s to spare. Don’t miss this.
375 ml / 40.2% ABV