Especially Great Stuff


A select listing of a few of our best spirits, mostly tiny batches not easy to find, some of them available only here.


ANSLEY’S alambic brandy no. 1. A 2013 blend of three brandies distilled by Germain-Robin from Roederer Estate pinot noir in 2002, 2002, and 2004, then aged an additional 10 years. 311 bottles straight from the cask, unfiltered. Rich, subtle, wonderful fruit, great length. Truly fabulous: a cognac of this quality would sell for at least $1500. Two-bottle limit. A bargain. 750ml 44% abv. $180 video                                                                 add to cart


COMUNIDAD NO. 11Santa Catarina Minas: Clay pot mezcal from wild jabalí, agave convallis, an agave so hard to distill that many avoid it. Creamy and sweet, fabulous length. A masterpiece. The 55-bottle batch was distilled in February, 2022. 9 bottles remain 750ml 51.9% abv. $161                                                                           video More about Heladio Lopez                                                                add to cart


DAKABEND Rum Añejo: Distilled from fresh cane juice from high-mountain sugar cane at the Tosba mezcal destilería, in the remote Mixe region of Oaxaca state. Edgar Gonzales does very long slow

12-hour runs: his rums are elegant, subtle, rich, and complex. Far superior to commercial rums (which are distilled from the by-products of sugur manufacture). One of two remaining of four barrels aged for four years. 00 bottles remain of a remarkable deeply rich rum. 750ml 49% abv. $100                                                                           video More about Dakabend                                                                           add to cart


MAISON SURRENNE Unblended 1946 grande champagne cognac: Grande champagne distilled on a wood-fired still by Hubert Portier from grapes grown in his family vineyard. 1946 was one of Cognac’s all-time best vintages, and this man knew his grapes very well. It has the depth and rich finesse of old cognac, yet is still amazingly fresh. Maintained in a separate tun until bottling, this remains one of the finest cognacs ever distilled. Selected “Cognac of the Year” by Wine and Spirits in 1998                          750 ml 41.9% abv                  $600.00 video           More about Maiosn Surrenne              add to cart


RUSSELL HENRY Dark Gin: Like nothing you have ever tasted. The botanicals and aromatics, given more than a year to play against each other inside excellent bourbon and Limousin oak cognac barrels, evolve into something sublime. Folks who taste this in the store buy it. 750 ml / 46.7% abv $60.00 video