Fluid Dynamics

The creators of Fluid Dynamics have been distilling and aging spirits in fine oak casks for 40
years. The main ingredients in Fluid Dynamics drinks are their craft-method spirits, which have
frequently been reviewed as among he finest in the world.

“maybe the best drink you ever had”

A person making a distilled spirit by hand gets to know that spirit very well: the contribution of each ingredient, the spirit’s flavors & aromas, how the spirit ages in an oak barrel. Fluid Dynamics recipes took months to develop: experimenting with blends, aging them, making tiny adjustments, trying to imagine what further aging would create…

Crispin and Devin Cain of the American Craft Whiskey Distillery

Joe Corley, Distiller and Cellar-master at Germain-Robin.

hand-crafted ingredients , classic recipes aged in the former Germain-Robin brandy cellars