20% Off Special: Sotol 3-Bottle Set

A specially priced 3-bottle set of sotols contains one each of the following:

BALAM Sotol Desierto: Dasylirion wheeleri distilled with artisanal methods by Enrique Valencia in the pueblo of Coyame, at 4000 ft in the high Sonoran desert of Chihuahua.

BALAM Sotol Durango: Distilled using artisanal methods by Jesús Román in Peñon Blanco at 5200 feet in Durango. Hand-milled.

MEXICAT Sotol Artesanal: From 4th and 5th generation distillers Norma & Bienvenido Fernandez, using artisanal methods in Madera, at 6500 feet in the mountains of Western Chihuahua.

ml / % ABV