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December 2019

Hi folks.

This time of year people ask, what makes a good Christmas gift? Here’s a few suggestions. I try to suggest overlooked stuff that I think is great product: give someone a tasty surprise.

Infusion Works. These infused Germain-Robin brandies took Joe three years to develop, and his gifted attention is obvious when you taste. Unlike standard cordials, which use an unbelievable amount of sugar (Grand Marnier is some 35%) largely because they infuse inferior base spirits, using G-Robin allows Joe to reduce the sugar to some 4-5%. Seville Orange is based on peels for Curaçao and tastes the way Marnier can only dream of.  750ML 35% abv  $60.

Russell Henry. We’re selling more and more of the Hawaiian Ginger (organic, from Kauai) as word of mouth spreads. It’s subtle and makes beautiful cocktails. 750ML 40% abv  $38. The Dark Gin is simply one of the finest spirits in the store. People who taste it buy it. 750ML 40% abv  $60.

Mezcal.  I’m recommending three: the Animas Ensamble (masterful blend of Espadín and the scarce agave cupreata) 750ML 48% abv  $92; the rich Alipus 20th Anniversary San Juan del Rio (wild Sierra Negra, Tepextate, Tobalá, three of my favorite agaves) 750ML 48% abv  $120, and the Método Antiguo, which by returning to the old practice of diluting with first-run tails adds a lovely flowery complexity to the Los Nahuales joven 750ML 47.8% abv $72, a bargain for the quality.

Raicilla. In addition to a truly excellent (& scarce) agave spirit, the Mexicat Raicilla Sierra displays a wonderful beaded cat face, each one the single creation of an indigenous Huichol craftsperson. Have a look These are moving faster than we can bring them in. 750ML 40% abv  $60.

And these are for people you simply want to give then truly outstanding versions of what they already drink. For vodka drinkers, the DSP CA-162 Straight and (a sleeper) the Buddha’s Hand citron (Sarcodactylis). 750ML 40% abv  $38. The Low Gap whiskies are some of the best being made. Best sellers are the Bourbon and the Rye. 750ML 43.2 and 42.2% abv  $70.

Finally, any of the Germain-Robin Old and Rare brandies stand head and shoulders above comparably priced cognacs and armaganacs. Due to the quality of the grapes used and the extraordinary care with which they were distilled and aged, these spirits are among the finest ever made anywhere, and I doubt if they will ever be equaled.

We send best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and for many good things in 2020/blessings to all/ansley coale