Old & Rare Brandies

At the sale to Gallo, Germain-Robin’s cellar, hundreds of Limousin oak barrels of aging brandies up to 34 years old, were likely the most varied and complex on the planet.  no other brandy or whiskey cellar remotely approached the extensive flavors and aromatics in the brandies distilled from two dozen varietals of premium wine grapes:  sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, semillon, chenin blanc, French colombard.  These brandies were largely held separate and unblended, each barrel holding a single varietal brandy from a single vintage.

Validation?  R W Apple of the New York Times, after tasting the Anno Domini 2000, called it “superior to Hennessy Paradis and equal to the finest aged cognacs”, and Robb Report Magazine name it the world’s “Best Spirit”.

While some of these brandies were used in the XO, most of those 15 years or older were released either as “Single-Barrel Brandies” or, just before the sale, as “Small Blends”.  A few of Germain-Robin’s last releases are listed below.  You cannot buy equivalent spirits at anything approaching these prices.

Single-Barrel Releases

Recognized as exceptional when distilled and carefully tended for many years.  The V before the barrel number is for Vieux, French for old:  since Germain-Robin knew they would be holding the contents for a long time, they used an older barrel so the brandy would not become overly oaked.

  • GERMAIN-ROBIN Single-Barrel V217 Pinot Noir

    Distilled in 2001 from grapes grown by Roederer Estate and vinified at the winery. Probably the only brandy ever made from still wine vinified for excellent sparkling wine. Exceptional.

    750 ml / 41.6% abv


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  • Germain-Robin Single-Barrel Viognier

    Distilled from some of our all-time favorite grapes in 1997. Viognier has perhaps the most elegance of the aromatic varietal we have distilled.  Superb finish.  Released at 18 years.

    750 ml / 41.7% abv


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Small Blends

Ansley Coale asked cellarmaster Joseph Corley to put together occasional releases using what Corley thought would make exceptional blends.  This was to showcase the astonishing richness, balance, and complexity that could be achieved working with the exceptionally wide range of flavors and aromatics deriving from distilling and aging many different premium varietal wine grapes

  • GERMAIN-ROBIN Small Blend no. 2

    Small Batch. 1984 Gamay, 1989 Columbard, 1994 Pinot Noir. Unfiltered

    750 ml / 44.5% abv


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  • GERMAIN-ROBIN Small Blend no. 1

    Includes a 1990 pinot noir from Mendocino County’s oldest planting  and a rich 1983 French colombard, twenty-eight years old. Unfiltered.  Unusual depth. 220 bottles released in 2011

    750 ml / 41.8% abv


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  • GERMAIN-ROBIN Small Blend no. 3

    1996 Pinot Noir, 1985 Pinot/Gamay, 1997 Colombard, and a 1996 blend of Muscat, Riesling, & Viognier. Unfiltered. Extraordinary richness, balance, and complexity.  Released in 2012.

    750 ml / 43% abv


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Old & Rare Brandies

Among Germain-Robin’s oldest and finest.  There is significant evaporative loss in aging.  What evaporates is water and pure alcohol, and the original flavors and aromas (the esters) are still there, meaning that they get increasingly concentrated (and deeper) as the years pass and the volume of liquid in the barrel diminishes..


    Brandy from 30 years ago, bottled in September of 2014. Distillates from 1983 and 1984, unfiltered.

    750 ml


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  • GERMAIN-ROBIN Barrel V154 Chenin Blanc

    A spectacular 1985 Chenin Blanc, bottled at 29 years.  The grapes came from Don Wegner's old-vine planting in the south Ukiah Valley regrettably regrafted to Chardonnay in 1987. It was one of our favorite grapes.  The Chenin aromatics are beautifully intense.  

    750 ml / 44.3% abv


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  • GERMAIN-ROBIN Barrel 351

    365 bottles from a single barrel of one of our finest aged distillates, a 1987 pinot noir from the Welch vineyard in Potter Valley.  Aged 27 years.  Pinot noir elegance and finish.

    750 ml / 44.9% abv


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  • GERMAIN-ROBIN Augustín’s Blend

    Assembled in 1990 on the occasion of the birth of Ansley Coale’s son, using distillates from 1988-1989, then aged 22 more years in a 50-liter cask. 60 bottles only.

    750 ml / 42.7% abv


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  • GERMAIN-ROBIN Cask 17.2

    The second bottling of Corley's use of the best of our stock of old brandies.  A blend of brandies 25-30 years old is married for 12 additional months in a tiny 9-liter cask.  12 bottles only.

    750 ml / 45.5% abv


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