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APRIL 2014

Dear friend of fine spirits,

Craft Distillers has renovated their website, which has a ton of straight info about the products listed in the Caddell catalogue.

This time of year, we like to give folks relief from the depredations of Taxman by holding our annual sale: take 10% off all products in the catalogue, 15% on 12 bottles or more. It’s a chance to try things. Suggestions:

Don Sutcliffe’s The Exceptional Grain: Paul Pacult/spirit journal just gave it five stars: “the finest grain whiskey I’ve had? Damn close” ($100).

VODKA DSP CA 162: the Citrus Medica var Sarcodactylis, infused Buddha’s Hand citron, is ethereal. You can savor it like a fine brandy ($38).

New to the ALIPUS bottlings released for sale in the USA is my favorite, the Santa Ana del Rio: elegant and exceptionally pure ($48). Mezcalero no. 9 was distilled in clay stills from the feral and intense agave Arroqueño ($84).

Caddell has the only stock left in the country of the Great Lakes Menomonee Valley Rye, nice stuff ($70).

Caddell also has the last bottling of the Creme de Poete, perhaps the finest liqueur I have ever tasted (375ML $45).

Infusion Works Seville Orange is a superb infusion of Germain-Robin with Caribbean-grown orange peel. It is tasty indeed ($60).

Regards/Ansley Coale