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June, 2017 Newsletter

Dear friend of fine spirits,

I was going to write up the second in the Only Once series, One-time blend no. 25.

(The base blend is three Colombards from 2004 & 2006, one of them malolactically fermented (great mouth-feel). Aged Colombard (before phylloxera, the favorite cognac grape) has soft depth and beautiful fruitiness, which complements our more austere varietal brandies. Corley added a 1993 pinot noir (finesse + 23 years in oak), excellent complex finish, and a 1997 semillon from an old-vine planting, huge rich volume (one of my favorite grapes). Detailed info at The brandy is equal to $200 cognacs, and we list it at $75. There are 434 bottles.)

But we sold our 120-bottle allocation in about ten days. There will be third release in July (including the rarely distilled Sangiovese grape), and  fourth in August.

Los Nahuales Spec no. 2 will be here any day, and Mezcalero 18 by mid-July.

A new page at makes it easy (20% discount) to have a world-class back-bar in your home. Call Kristie Meyer in my office (800 782-8145) to make substitutions if you want to put together your own version. There are no superior gins, vodkas, whiskies, aged cocktails (or of course brandies) at anything approaching the price of these spirits we carry. Turn your friends on to our good stuff.

Right next door to the new Germain-Robin tasting room (where you can taste the 30-year-old) is the new Caddell & Williams store, right in the heart of down-town Ukiah, thus infinitely multiplying the reasons to visit Mendocino’s county seat. Open weekdays 8-4 and Sat 10-12 (and by appt. 707 468-7899 or -96) (Tasting Room Sat 10-12 and by appt), the store has a license allowing the visitor to taste gin, vodka, whiskey, and the unreal mezcals. About half of the store is the Museum of Encountered Objects, a pretty fabulous display of cool stuff accumulated over the past 40 years by, yours truly, ansley coale