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March, 2017

Dear lover of fine spirits


A couple of weeks ago I was shooting one of the brief videos for the website of me talking about our stuff, and I tasted the latest Firelit, batch 11. I like to taste the product in real time (instead of tasting it before we start to shoot), and it blew me away. I can’t believe how much it tastes like really really good coffee. I mean, if that were easy, there would be lots of great coffee liqueurs, instead of just one that I know of. Batch 11 is from Brazilian beans, with the apparently characteristic deep rich dark chocolate overtones. It is very very good.


We have several products that people can’t get how good they are because they can’t imagine it. This is one of them (Russell Henry Dark Gin and Infusion Works Seville Orange are others). I suspect it’s because they associate the product with what else is out there, in this case Kahlua, which contains some 825 grams (29 ounces!!!) of sugar, which is like dipping a sugar cube in coffee and eating it with a rough alcohol chaser. So when people say, I don’t like liqueurs because they are too sweet, they have good reason: Grand Marnier is like 33% sugar. But good liqueurs (or fortified brandies) need just a little to cut the acid acerbity of great ingredients (like the dried peels in the Seville Orange). Hey, take 15% off (for 15 days, helps pay for the shipping): I’d like to see this stuff out there. $34/750ML/30% abv.