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November, 2016

Dear friend of fine spirits,

We have made short video segments of me talking about almost all of our individual products. They show up as links next to the product listing on the Caddell & Williams website, such as here:

For the Germain-Robin Only Once Blend no, 23. We have sold most of this first batch mail-order and plan to bottle a couple more Blends after the first of the year.

Totally amazing product. Over the past 29 years, we have released maybe 120 different spirits. A handful stand out as unreal, in the sense that you simply can’t believe how good the stuff is: Hangar One Buddha’s Hand Citron, Germain-Robin Single Barrel Viognier, Russell Henry Dark Gin, Mezcalero Special no.1. Here’s another: the Fluid Dynamics Dry Martini. The whisper of Andy Quady’s Extra Dry Vermouth is perfectly appropriate to the London Dry gin, causes it in some unfathomable way to transcend its fundamental quality. Eye-popping. If you like martinis, buy this.

Mezcal. First, check out a great deal of not easy-to-come-by info/photos. Just received: Mezcalero 17 (agaves de lumbre & espadín) from San Baltazar Guélavila and Los Nahuales Special no. 1, from the rare sierrudo and wild cuishe, distilled by Los Danzantes Karina Abad. The new Alipus San Andres Ensamble contains wild bicuishe.

Sutcliffe and Son’s The Exceptional is at last available in all three expressions: Grain, Malt, and Blend. They have been getting, well, exceptional reviews: some of the finest scotch whiskies in existence. Exceptionally intelligent review at http://coolhunting. com/food-drink/the-exceptional-whiskies-sutcliffe

Greenway Distillery (Crispin Cain’s personal venture) has released a new batch of the Rose Liqueur, out of stock for more than a year. You can smell the rose dust from the petals. How he does it, I don’t understand. It’s like crushing a rose in your hand.

Ansley Coale, Craft Distiller